All-in-one Data Analytics Solution for Shopify Stores

Datma empowers Shopify store owners to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and boost revenue.

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Empower your team with the best tool for e-commerce analytics.

In-Depth Performance Analysis

Optimize your operations with unique data points.

Forecast done simple

A crystal ball at your fingertips, all based on data.

Customizable Reporting

Benefit from pre-made or custom reports based on multiple data sources.

Report Automation

Schedule automated updates to save time and make data-driven decisions.

Unique Data Insights

Gain a competitive edge with exclusive data on product views, impressions, and revenue.

Seamless Export

Easily export data to Excel for streamlined collaboration and informed decision-making.

How does it work?

As simple as it can be.


One-click install

Install from the Shopify App Store.


Data is imported automatically

2 years of historical data.


Take action

Uncover actionable insights.

Upgrading Shopify Analytics.

Alternative to Google Analytics Universal.

DatmaShopifyGA Universal
ChatGPT like interrogations
Product views and impressions✅*
Collection attributed revenue✅*
Price Range and change analysis
Combining session with backend data
Product Performance
Customers, Orders, Finance
Custom reports
Scheduled reports
Unlimited data exports

Product Analytics

Discover which products sell, which don’t, and why!

Get a full 360° view of all your products.

Keep your prices in check.

Align your prices with your customers' expectations with Price Range and Price Change analysis

price range graph

Monitor product velocity.

Instant view of how your products are performing day by day, week by week, or month by month.

ProductSV 2SV 7SV 15SV 30
product image31.561.211.74
product image00.30.91.12
product image31.561.210.8

Which products are trending?

Instant view of how your products are performing day by day, week by week, or month by month.

product image+33%+28%+22%+18%+13%+7%
product image+12%+7%+3%-1%+2%-5%

Overview of all your products.

'Hidden products', 'Viewed, not purchased', 'Listed, not clicked', 'A products', 'B products', and 'C products'.

Frequently Bought Together.

Products. Product Types. Vendors.

PRD. 1PRD. 2Shared% of 1% of 2
product imageproduct image2,34112%5.4%
product imageproduct image2,34112%5.4%

Optimize Your Collections and Boost Your Revenue.

Our platform provides you with valuable insights into your collections that can help you drive growth and maximize revenue. By understanding how many times customers browse a collection, which products get the most clicks, and which collections generate the most revenue, you can optimize your offerings to better meet customer needs and preferences.

CollectionCollection ViewsCollection CTRCollection CRCollection Revenue
On Sale2,234,1230%0%0%

Web Analytics

Analyze your sessions like a PRO

Easy to digest Web Analytics

More than standard.

SessionsSession CRUnique VisitorsBounce RateRevenue per SessionUTMsCountryCityBrowserExit/Entry PageMarketing ChannelsProduct ViewsProduct View RateProduct CRImpressionsImpression CRCollection viewsCollection CTRCollection CR

Marketing ROAS based on UTMs

Easily see which campaigns are driving the most revenue, and which ones are not performing as well as you'd like.

Ad PlatformCostsrevenueroas
Google Ads$132,234$290,9152.2
Facebook Ads$84,319$151,7741.8

Every session monitored, every product view reported

Understand how customers interact with your products, which gather attention, which waste precious real-estate.

2343422,456,34524%14,234,543 12%

Friendly Analytics

Easily understandable and user-friendly web analytics.

More sessions than Google Analytics

Datma is not (yet) affected by ad blockers.

No data sampling

There's no sampling. We report every session.

Finance & marketing costs

Hassle free finance tracker

No need for Excel or spreadsheets. Everything you need is in a single table.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
Product Revenue225,084.99 USD353,254.82 USD375,104.91 USD416,415.11 USD254,686.60 USD
Refunds-6,633.61 USD-10,226.95 USD-11,428.51 USD-10,477.09 USD-6,682.09 USD
Discounts-1,851.76 USD-2,061.62 USD-2,930.57 USD-4,560.51 USD-2,395.76 USD
Shipping37,334.09 USD56,782.51 USD55,873.82 USD61,070.76 USD37,135.28 USD
Net Sales253,933.71 USD397,748.76 USD416,619.65 USD462,448.27 USD282,744.03 USD
Refund COGS14,543.23 USD18,153.24 USD13,539.84 USD15,964.31 USD17,413.20 USD
COGS-134,543.23 USD-118,153.24 USD-143,539.84 USD-185,964.31 USD-157,413.20 USD
Google Ads-31,355.74 USD-44,245.35 USD-39,754.84 USD-54,163.24 USD-33,714.69 USD
Facebook Ads-6,387.49 USD-61,644.69 USD-114,514 USD-78,635.78 USD-32,016,88 USD
Marketing Costs-37,743.23 USD-105,890.04 USD-154,268.84 USD-132,799.02 USD-65,731.57 USD
Gross Profit

Keep your marketing costs in check

One-click integrations with Google Ads and Facebook ads.

Facebook ads logoGoogle ads logo


Know your customers

Target the right people.

One Timers

Customers that have placed only one order.

Idle Clients

Customers that haven't placed an order in a long time.

High Spenders

Customers with high-value orders.

Cohorts made easy

Analyze your customer acquisition and behavior with ease.

Cohorts image

Frequently asked questions

Contact us if you have others

Will Datma work with my theme?

Datma is tested with all major themes. If you encounter a problem, please do contact us! We are more than happy to help.

Will my site be slower after installing Datma?

No. Our tests have shown a below 10ms load time of our script. That's fast.

Does Datma play well with my other apps?

In general, yes. Datma only reads the interactions between your clients and your store. It doesn't interfere with the inner workings. There may be exceptions as some apps take more creative approaches to solve problems, approaches that we can't possibly know or cover beforehand. If you have doubts or encounter any issues, please do let us know.

Does Datma require fiddling around in code?

One-click install and everything works out of the box.

Is Datma GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is. Datma is built in Europe with a lot of effort and care dedicated to protecting your data. And yes, it is your data.

So far, so good

Our clients are happy

Ready to get started?

Measure. Analyze. Profit.

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